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Wood Blinds

Key Features

  • Luxurious Appearance
  • Match a Variety of Styles
  • Lightweight yet Durable

Best for...

Bringing a traditional, sophisticated look to any style room. Wood blinds have been around for a long time because of their classy look and functionality, they match with almost any color setting, ranging from light to dark, and contemporary to traditional styles.

Decorating Tips

Slat size for your wood blinds makes a significant difference in their appearance and functionality. The narrower the slats, the more slats that are needed for a full-length blind. This means that wooden window blinds with narrower slats diffuse more light and obstruct more of the view when they are angled open.

More Reasons to Love Wood Binds

Regardless of width, all wood blinds provide energy efficiency. Wood is a natural insulator, creating a barrier between the room and the window. This means that wood blinds help save energy and lower cooling and heating costs. Not only are wood blinds stylish and sleek, they can also save you money on home utility bills.

Wood Blinds Groups and Variations

How to Clean Wood Blinds

When cleaning wood blinds, it is always best to close them first as they are easier to clean when flat. For lighter cleaning, a feather duster or the brush attachment on a vacuum will suffice in riding the slats of dust and dirt. For heavier cleaning, take a damp soft clean rag and gently wipe each slat clean. A wood cleaner or a wood-friendly oil (olive oil) can be used to clean and polish the wood. When finished, be sure to wipe all the slats with a dry rag to ensure they are completely dry and there is no oily residue to avoid any warping of the wood.

How to Install Wood Blinds

How to Install Wood Blinds

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