Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum blinds enjoy well-deserved popularity for their simplicity and range. Durable and reliable, this traditional favorite now features modern colors and much improved mechanisms for easy operation. Enjoy long-lasting style with our selection of aluminum venetian blinds that you can order and install yourself.

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Custom Aluminum Mini Blinds

These classic window blinds have been a favorite ever since their explosion onto the window coverings scene in the 1970s. But these aren't the same old blinds from back then! Improved components and styling bring these blinds into the modern day and improve all the great features that first made them popular:

  • Simple operation – just tilt the slats open or closed or raise the blind fully
  • Ultra flexible light and privacy control
  • Aluminum blinds are inexpensive and fit most any window
  • Durable aluminum slats stand up to daily use
  • Cordless lift options make blinds easy to raise and safe for kids

Aluminum blinds, mini blinds, and venetian blinds - which is right?

As Shakespeare's Juliet once wondered, "What's in a name?" When it comes to aluminum blinds, all of these names are actually correct:

  • Aluminum blinds is a commonly used name to distinguish them from their cousins, wood blinds and faux wood blinds
  • Mini blinds are used to describe the 1" slat that is most common for aluminum blinds (although 2" aluminum blinds are also available)
  • Venetian blinds is an older label for the general type of blinds with horizontal slats, including aluminum mini blinds  So whichever name you prefer, we've got the best aluminum mini venetian metal horizontal blinds around!

How to choose the best aluminum mini blind for you:

Customizing your new aluminum blinds is pretty straight forward but here are few pointers when shopping for the blind that's best for you:

  • Consider which size slats would best suit your window – we offer the traditional 1" mini blind slats or choose the 2" slat size for better visibility outside (especially on very large windows)
  • Find a color that fits your decor! We have a variety of colors with a durable finish, or try metallic finishes for a polished look
  • Then decide what control options fit your needs – we always recommend cordless for easy operation and child safety, but we have the classic corded lift as well
  • Don't forget our No Tools installation option as well to securely install your new blinds without any drills or screws

Need more information on aluminum blinds? Check out our tips on how to measure aluminum mini blinds and how to install metal blinds. If you have any questions about our selection of aluminum blinds, don't hesitate to contact us, and don’t forget to order your free color samples