5 Best Blinds for Your Baby’s Room

Blinds and shades for your baby's room
BY BLINDSTER | December 24, 2015
September 28, 2023

If you recently became a parent for the first time or you just added a new bundle of joy to your family, you've undoubtedly seen the impact a baby can have on your life and your home. For many parents, style and contemporary décor take a backseat to making their homes as comfortable and convenient as possible for themselves and their babies. While you're busy setting up the bassinet, babyproofing every sharp corner and hard surface in your home, and putting together an endless array of toys, car seats, and highchairs, you may forget one key component of making your baby as safe and comfortable as possible: getting the right window treatments for his or her room.

It's no secret that a baby who sleeps through the night can be a godsend for parents, and controlling the lighting in your baby's room can be a huge factor in determining the amount of sleep everyone in your family gets during those first few hectic months. It's also important to make sure any window treatments you install are safe for babies and children of all ages.

For a list of window treatments that are stylish, safe for children of all ages, and effective at controlling the amount of outside light that enters your home, check out Blindster's suggestions below.

  • Deluxe Fabric Roller Shades (Cordless Option)
    Although we ship every window treatment with a free cord cleat to make them safer for homes with babies, children, and pets, cordless shades are the ideal window coverings for your baby's room. Our Deluxe Fabric Roller Shades are excellent at blocking out light and providing a safe, cord-free environment for your child. The easy roller operation of this shade makes a simple but stylish addition to your nursery's decor.
  • Deluxe Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Cellular Shades
    Controlling the lighting in your baby's room doesn't always mean making the room as dark as possible. In fact, many babies thrive in rooms that are bathed in soft, natural lighting as opposed to harsh lighting from overhead light fixtures and lamps. As the name implies, our Deluxe Cellular Shades with the optional cordless top down/bottom up feature can be opened and closed from the top and bottom, giving you the ultimate control over privacy, lighting, and view of the outside. Even better, this window shade is also excellent for providing sound and noise insulation.
  • Cordless Day/Night Single Cellular Shades
    As every new parent knows, the slightest disruption in your baby's routine can cost him or her—and everyone else in your family, for that matter—precious hours of sleep. Sometimes that disruption can be something as fleeting and unpredictable as car headlights shining into the room or a brief flash of lightning during a rainstorm. Our Cordless DayNight Cellular Shades are perfect for eliminating the possibility that your baby's rest will be disturbed by sudden bright (or not so bright) lights from the outdoors by providing blackout coverage when you want complete light blocking, or a light filtering shade for diffused light and privacy in the daytime. With cordless operation built right in, you don't have to worry abut dangerous cords.
  • 2 Inch Deluxe Cordless Faux Wood Blinds
    If you have wood or faux wood blinds in the rest of your home and want a uniform look, choose our Deluxe Cordless Faux Wood Blinds as a complimentary product for your new baby's room. These blinds come standard with cordless lift and a wand tilt making them cord free, so they are safe and have an uncluttered appearance. Unlike regular horizontal blinds, these feature an offset cord route hole so that when you rotate the slats closed, there are no visible holes in the slat - so you get better light control and privacy. Plus they are available in white for a bright neutral look, or a variety of neutrals and stain finishes for a more modern design.
  • Premium Roman Shades
    When it comes to purchasing elegant and beautiful window coverings, it's hard to beat the stylings offered by cordless Roman shades. Our Premium Roman Shades are among our top-selling window treatments due to their luxurious appearance, but their effectiveness at blocking out light, protecting your family's privacy, and matching the décor in your home. And if you're looking for a specific color to fit your baby's room, you can't go wrong with this shade. Choose from a wide assortment of distinct colors and fabrics. You can also take comfort knowing that this shade is child safe when you order with the cordless lift option, making it both beautiful and safe for your baby's room.