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5 Facts about Bamboo Shades

Customer photo of a Blindster bamboo shade

Bamboo shades are among the most unique and visually stunning window treatments that we sell. They’re a great balance between the natural wood look that many people love in classic blinds and the matte appearance of shades. Their popularity is also due to their versatility, as these shades fit perfectly in a huge variety of rooms, whether it’s a sunroom with a nature motif, a classy study or home office, or even a neutrally decorated and designed guest bedroom.

At Blindster, we know that many homeowners and people in the market for new window treatments have questions about bamboo shades—especially if they’ve never seen them in person. Their low price and high quality make them an intriguing product for many of our customers, and they can liven up rooms and dramatically change their look, feel, and overall vibe without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re thinking about ordering some for your home, or you just want to know more about these unique window treatments, here are five facts to know about bamboo shades:

1. Bamboo shades are versatile

Some window treatment shoppers may have the wrong impression of bamboo shades, as they may mistakenly believe that they are all blackout-style shades. While it's true that we offer thick bamboo shades with available privacy and blackout liners to further reduce visibility and glare, we also offer bamboo shades that are light filtering. That means you can find bamboo shades for every room in your home, whether you're looking for ultimate light control or beautiful soft and diffused natural light.

2. Bamboo shades are made using natural materials
Airy bamboo shades in a dining room

The "bamboo" in bamboo shades isn't just a marketing term—it's the real deal. Our bamboo shades are manufactured using a mixture of real bamboo slats, grasses, and reeds. The natural materials are one of the first things that homeowners and first-time bamboo shade buyers notice when they get these window treatments, and it's also one of the things they love about their new shades the most. The natural manufacturing materials makes bamboo shades a must-have for eco-friendly and environmentally conscious homeowners.

3. Bamboo shades are affordable for all budgets

Want a luxurious and natural look without breaking the bank? Look no further than our Super Value Bamboo Woven Wood Shades—our top-selling bamboo shade. Want a premium window treatment with all the options to match? Check out our Deluxe Bamboo Woven Wood Shades, featuring a wide range of color choices, style options and lift types.

4. Bamboo shades are available with different lift options
Bamboo shade with cordless lift option

With bamboo shades, you don't have to sacrifice customization and versatility. Our selection of bamboo shades are available with a variety of lifting mechanisms, all of which are compliant with CPSC child safety guidelines. We are proud to feature a full assortment of cordless lift options for the ultimate in safety and convenience – and, the cord-free look is clean and neat!

We also offer corded options for windows that are hard to reach or impractical for cordless shades. Consider our top-down/bottom-up feature for the ultimate in versatility and light control. Or, choose motorized lift for the maximum convenience and performance for your new bamboo shade.

5. Bamboo shades have fast production times

Need to get your new shades right away? You'll love the fast production and turnaround times of our bamboo shades. Some of our shades are made in just 5 days, others in 8-10.  Either way, that's a quick turnaround for a custom shade that is cut and assembled by hand to your exact specifications! 

Start shopping our full line of custom bamboo woven wood shades today!