What are Bamboo Shades?

What are Bamboo Shades?
BY BLINDSTER | March 20, 2018
September 25, 2023

So, you found yourself asking the question… what in the heck are bamboo shades

In short… the window treatment trend taking home design by storm.  

But we’ll give you a better description than that. Many of us have a soft spot for real wood window treatments. And real wood isn’t just limited to your standard wood blinds. Or even blinds for that matter... which is where our bamboo shades come in. And we’re here to give you the full overview.

Let’s start at the beginning…. 

How are Bamboo Shades Made?

We could go through this entire process in writing… but how about a handy-dandy YouTube video to explain: 

What are the Options for Bamboo Shades?

Bamboo shade color options


The possibilities are endless! Seriously! Just like the rest of our products, our bamboo shades our custom made, meaning whatever measurements you’re needing, we can work with. But we know… you’re probably concerned with the look of the shade. The awesome part about bamboo shades is, not only do they come in a variety of colors, but also a variety of textures! As you’ll see below, our Tupi, Coluna and Waikiki Camel color options are a similar light brown shade… but each swatch has a different texture and thickness of the bamboo. Another one of the many reasons Blindster offers free samples, because you’ll want to see these options in person.  

Light Control

With our bamboo shades, you can even choose options that increase privacy or limit the amount of light coming through. Not only can you control the light, but you can increase the uniformity of the external view of your home. From the outside, visitors only see a white shade in the window, and from the inside, you get to see that beautiful woven bamboo shade. Our privacy liners aren’t blackout, so you can still bring the natural light into the room. But… if you want to block out that light sometimes, we have the blackout liner. Still gives the same uniform look from the outside and also blocks the sunlight from coming in the room… best of both worlds! *insert Hannah Montana theme song* 

Cord options

Who doesn’t love combining style and safety. At Blindster, we sure do, which is why we offer our ever so popular bamboo shades with a cordless option! Cords on blinds and shades can create a dangerous environment in your home for pets or children, because they increase the risk of choking. When raised, these beautiful shades transform into a roman-style fold. Just push up the hem to raise the shade or pull down the hem to lower it. Safe, stylish and easy-peasy… what more can you ask for? 

Why Choose Bamboo Shades?

I mean, with all the info we’ve given you at this point… why not? Like I said at the beginning, bamboo shades are the window covering trend that everyone and their mother is into right now. It blends into every home style and always pairs perfectly with drapes or curtains. We also have bamboo shades for every budget, just check out our Super Value and Deluxe shades to see which works best for you. Oh, and they’re made from renewable and recyclable resources, so they’re super eco-friendly! Man, we just love these shades so much… can’t you see why?! 

Go on and seal the deal. Check out our full selection of bamboo shades