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Roman Shades

Key Features

  • Easy to Clean
  • Room Darkening Capability
  • Lots of Styles & Colors Available

Best for...

Rooms that require a cleaner, more strict and modern look. These fabric window coverings stack neatly when retracted giving off a polished look. Roman Shades can be used when there is less space such as above a piece of furniture or inside bay windows.

Roman Shades Decorating Tips

Deciding whether to mount roman shades on the inside or outside is a big question when it comes to room aesthetics. If there is attractive molding and framework, you may consider mounting the shades on the inside as to not block the molding. If you want to add height, and maybe aren't the biggest fan of the frame, you can proceed with outside molding that will both hide the frame and molding as well as add length to the Roman shades. Another style influencer is the controls, options are cordless roman shades and top down bottom up, both having their own pros and cons depending on the style of the room.

Choosing the Right Fabric & Lining

Fabric and lining are crucial when choosing the right Roman Shades for your home. Not only does the fabric have an impact on design and color, it also affects the amount of light and transparency. The lighter the fabric, the more transparent, thicker fabric means less light and a more rigid bunched look. Lining is a choice, not all shades have to be lined, however the more sheer a roman shade is, the more light it will allow a room to have. Living rooms shades usually require more light than a bedroom, in which case a roman shade for a bedroom may have a blackout liner while one for a living room shade might have no liner or a light translucent liner.

Roman Shade Groups

At Blindster we offer four groups of Roman Shades. Let us explain the difference:

How to Clean Roman Shades

To best clean roman shades, you will want to use gentle tactics as you do not want to tear or warp the fabric. One of the best ways to clean them is to use an anti-bacterial fabric spray and then rinse them with clean water. This way you will keep them smelling fresh and also free of germs and dust build-up.

How to Install Roman Shades

How to Install Premium Roman Shades with Standard Lift

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How to Install Premium Roman Shades with Cordless Option

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How to Install Premium Roman Shades with Continuous Cord Loop

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