Faux Wood Blinds

Durable faux wood blinds provide the look of real wood at a lower price. Blindster’s faux wood window blinds are moisture resistant and less prone to warping and discoloration than traditional wood blinds, making them one of the most popular window treatments! Easy to measure for and install yourself!

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Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds:

Faux woods have become one of the most popular window treatments thanks to the same classic styling and flexible light and privacy control as traditional wood and venetian blinds, but with these added benefits:  

  • Faux wood blinds are economically priced, helping to keep your design budget low without compromising style or functionality  
  • Polymer slat material is impervious to moisture, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms  
  • Today’s faux wood blinds are almost indistinguishable from real wood, so you can put them in any room in the house  
  • Easily rotate slats open and closed for flexible privacy and light blocking, or raise the blinds fully with easy cordless lift options standard on all our faux wood blinds  

How to shop our Faux Wood Blinds:

Choosing the right faux wood blind is easy at Blindster. We have options to fit every budget and every style. Here’s what to consider and how to start shopping for your perfect faux wood blind:  

  • Start with slat size – we offer traditional 2” slats as well as 2 1/2" slats for better view-through (especially good for larger windows)  
  • Our Deluxe Faux Woods feature the tightest closer on the market, or choose our budget friendly Super Value Faux Wood or top of the line Premium Faux Woods  
  • All our faux wood selections feature the cordless lift option standard on every blind for a clean look, effortless operation and child safety  

Faux Wood Blinds vs. Wood Slat Blinds

Wood blinds for windows are attractive and durable but have limitations. Wood blinds can fade and discolor over time when exposed to excessive sunlight and heat. Bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-humidity locations are not suitable for real wood blinds, as high levels of moisture can damage the wood.  

In contrast, faux wood blinds for windows were explicitly designed for use in rooms with high humidity, and resist fading and peeling when exposed to sunlight. UV inhibitors protect against color changes, and the polymer slat material is impervious to moisture, keeping faux wood blinds looking great in conditions that cause the deterioration of natural wood.  

For very hot windows, where direct sun heats up the interior side of the window where the blind will hang, wood blinds are actually the better choice since extreme heat can adversely affect the faux wood slats.  

Looking for White Faux Wood Blinds?

White faux wood blinds create a light, airy feel to a room and blend in with any decor. Here are some tips for choosing a color:  

  • Blindster offers a great selection of white faux wood blinds in tones including white, off-white, alabaster, and antique white to match your existing window trim and moulding
  • If you prefer, we also offer faux wood blinds in beiges, tans, and grays for a contemporary look
  • Or choose one of our faux wood finishes replicating the look of oak, maple, pecan, and more
  • Unsure of which color will work best for your window treatments? Order up to ten free samples from us today 

At Blindster, we’re committed to helping you find the best possible window treatments. Looking for something else? Check out all of our window blind selections. We also offer financing options with APR as low as zero percent to help you finance your faux wood blinds purchase.